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2002 News Headlines

(*) Train derails in Maryland

July 29, 2002 - Amtrak train number 30 ("Capitol Limited") heading to Union Station in Washington, D.C. from Chicago, Illinois derailed in Kensington, Montgomery County, Maryland at approximately 1:55 pm EDT. The train was scheduled to arrive in D.C. at 1:45 pm EDT, carried 161 passengers, and had a crew of 12. The train had 14 cars, three overturned.

93 to 97 people are reported injured, three seriously. Seven are in hospitals for observation. Family and close friends of those on board the train can call 1-800-523-9101 for information.

Some Amtrak trains will be delayed. For information on Amtrak trains, call 1-800-USA-RAIL (872-7245). In addition, 11 trains in Maryland's MARC commuter system, especially the Brunswick line, will not be running. For information on MARC, call 1-800-325-RAIL (7245) or (410) 539-5000, or their web site.

For more information, see the following articles:

-> Train Derails in California

April 23, 2002 - A Metrolink train carrying about 300 passengers from Riverside, California to San Juan Capistrano, California collided with a freight train. Two are dead. For more information, call Metrolink at 1-800-371-5465. Also see the CNN article.

-> Train Derails in Florida

April 12, 2002 - An Amtrak passenger train with 453 on board headed toward Lorton, Virginia has derailed in Florida on tracks owned by CSX. There were four deaths and over a hundred injured. For more information, call 1-800-523-9101. Family members needing psychiatrists can call 202-728-6401.

For more information, see: CNN article #1 and CNN article #2

-> Plane Crashes In New York

Nov. 12, 2001: At approximately 9:20 AM EST, American Airlines flight 587 from John F Kennedy International Airport in New York enroute to Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic crashed shortly after takeoff in Rockaway, Queens in New York City. News reports indicate eyewitness reports of an engine explosion and separation from the plane.

The plane was an Airbus Industries A300-600 carrying 246 passengers and 9 crew members. The plane was built in France on July 12, 1988, last received maintenace on Oct. 3 and Nov. 11, 2001, and was last overhauled on Dec. 9, 1999. It was scheduled for an overhaul in July 2002.

Family members of passengers can call American Airlines at 1-800-245-0999 for more information. All three airports in the New York area are closed.

-> Terrorists Attack U.S.

Click here for info on the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks on New York and the Pentagon.