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National News Headlines

(*) Dec. 21, 2003

Another disaster just days away from the end of the year. A 13-car CSX freight train derailed on Thursday, Dec. 18 in Arlington, Virginia caused cancellations on Thursday and Friday for Virginia's Virginia Railway Express commuter line, Maryland's MARC commuter line, as well as Amtrak's lines that run south from Washington, D.C.'s Union Station. Five of the train cars contained sulfuric acid residue. For more information:

(*) Feb. 22, 2003

Due to heavy snowfall, at about 11:45 AM, 90% to 95% of the roof at a Toys 'R' Us in Lanham, Maryland collapsed. No one was seriously injured. For more information:

(*) Feb. 18, 2003

As many as five to eight million credit cards may have been exposed when a hacker broke into a credit card processor. For more information:

A major snowstorm along the East Coast has caused several roofs to collapse as well as deaths from heart attacks and carbon monoxide poisoning. For more information,

(*) Train Incidents

(*) June 20, 2003

In Commerce, California, a freight train carrying lumber derailed after becoming a runaway train. Tons of lumber landed on several homes, injuring at least twelve. Commerce is located near Los Angeles. For more information:

(*) February 18, 2003

Up to 100 people died in a South Korean train station when a man tried to blow up a subway train. For more information, see the following CNN article.

(*) February 9, 2003

Two trains suffered problems in two days. On February 9, 2003, a Canadian National Railway Co. train derailed in Illinois, resulting in a toxic fire. Tamaroa, Illinois was evacuated. The previous day, a Eurostar train going from London to Paris broke down on a bridge. Passengers broke windows to get air into the train cars. For more information, see these CNN articles.

(*) Space Shuttle Columbia Lost

Feb. 1, 2003 - 17 years and 4 days after the space shuttle Challenger disaster, NASA announced this morning that the space shuttle Columbia on descent to Cape Canaveral at an altitude of 200,000 feet disintegrated over noth central Texas at around 8:00 AM CST. Columbia carried seven astronauts, including the first Israeli astronaut. The shuttle was scheduled to land in Florida at 8:16 AM CST and was traveling at Mach 18 (12,500 mph) at the time of the tragedy. The debris field is reported to be at least 100 miles by 10 miles.

If you took pictures or video of the shuttle disintegration, NASA would like to see it. The instructions are available at the Johnson Space Center web site.

For more information:

(*) Commuter Plane Crashes in North Carolina

Jan. 8, 2003 - In the first major commercial plane crash in over a year, US Airways Express/Air Midwest Flight 5481 crashed today during takeoff at Charlotte-Douglas International Airport in Charlotte, North Carolina. It was unable to gain altitude on takeoff and crashed into an US Airways maintenance hangar at the airport.

The Beech/Raytheon 1900D turboprop plane was headed for Greensville-Spartanburg International Airport in Greenville, South Carolina. The plane carried 19 passengers and two crew members. There were no survivors. Family members of these twenty one people may call 1-800-679-8215 for more information.

" Flight 5481 declared emergency before crash," a CNN article, is at the URL

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