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Summer 1997

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(*) This is what I worked on during Summer 1997.

  • study of computer file systems
  • install Windows 95 on 2 IBM PS/2 Model 70 486 computers
  • attempted to install Linux on 2 IBM Power PC computers; one successful
  • install Ethernet software and assign IP address to 1 HP computer running HP/UX
  • NFS mount of /usr/local/scratch filesystem on DEC Alphas
  • DNS nameserver update in resolv.conf in lab
  • install ghostscript/ghostview on one Windows NT computer
  • upgrade Alphas to Netscape Navigator 3.01 and HP computers to Netscape Communicator 4.03
  • compile and install pine 3.96 on HP and Alpha computers
  • install/configure xntpd on one Alpha running Red Hat Linux
  • add two NIS user accounts
  • install classgrid 2.1 on HP computers
  • recompile/install yp-clients, util-linux, and mingetty on IBM Power PC
  • install DEC OSF/1 2.0 on a DEC Alpha computer